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Hello. My name is Noz.

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Ok, I should introduce myself here as this is the first post I ever make!

My name is Noz, and I bake and make stuff.

Originally I am from Japan and lived in the UK for more than a decade.

Baking has always been my passion. The first bake was biscuits with my mother. The classic baking for bonding mother & daughter relationship! I still have the book which We were using at the time. ( How old it is! )

After some time, I was influenced by my auntie, who bakes tasty cakes. Her cheesecake was divine! I remember, every time I go to see my cousin, she prepared lovely treats for us. I always wanted to make cakes like her.

In the UK, the baking ingredients and equipment were readily available to compare to Japan when I arrived. Off I go. I started my baking journey.

Now I can say I can bake lovely cakes. But I had ups and downs, of course! Repeating mistakes, try and error led me to my almost perfect cakes. I must not give up.

I am an ordinary person who dreams of being beautiful people on the internet. I hope that I can inspire people like me, sharing my experience and stories through my page.

Yes, we can do it!


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